How It Works

How It Works

It's Special AND Patented

Magic Mailer is unique in that it allows for a printed creative and intrusive marketing message combined with a “free gift” or promotional incentive for the recipient to take action. That action usually mean a visit to your local business to redeem their prize, or to see if they have won something big, like a car.

Auto Dealers, Retailers, Realtors and More

No matter what business you are in, everyone wants new customers. The Magic Mailer entices your prospects to pay much more attention to your message and creates a significant opportunity for them to take action. So if you are an auto dealer, real estate agent or broker, casino, time share property…well you get the idea. .

All USPS Approvals Provided.

The US Post office has approved the use of this mailer at a significantly discounted rate of .17 – giving you the budget flexibility to invest in a more aggressive and intrusive mail piece, like the Magic Mailer.

Hand Insertion Teams Required.

Your mail house needs to be equipped to handle the hand work required to assemble the individual components of the folded printed piece, the insert promotional piece and of course the Magic Mailer itself. If your current mail house does not haveteh capabilities of handling a job like this we’d be happy to provide you recommendations to those mail houses that can handle it. Believe me, it’s worth it!

Affordable But Quite Variable.

As with many things in live, the price you pay is dependent upon the quantity of product you buy. The Magic Mailer is no different. We can provide you and aggressive and competitive price to use our unique solution, that will increase your open and response rates.

We've Shipped Millions of Magic Mailers

No one knows the direct mail business quite like us. We have been developing intrusive, creative, and interesting marketing solutions for our customer since 1979. And we’ve stayed in business by continuing to stay up on new trends and actually creating trends of our own (we call those the copy cats!).


Magic Mailer is approved by the US Post Office to use as a bulk mail solution for mail customers. Work with you mail house to coordinate the program, or if they cannot handle it, you can find one that does

Contact your mail house to confirm they have the capabilities to handle this project.
We can provide all the necessary specifications needed to allow your graphics or agency team to build the mailer to the right specs.
Select from one of our proven products, from Visa of Discover debit cards, to keys to travel discounts and special gifts.
Place your order with us. Chances are we have plenty in stock, but just in case contact us early about your needed quantity and the promotional piece needed for insertion
We will direct ship to your mail house to save postage and time. Just give us the address and we’ll take it from there!
Your print house will coordinate insertion of the printed piece and promotional product into the Magic Mailer and prepare it to be mailed.
Send out the mailer and stand by for higher open rates, and higher redemption rates.