About ASI and Magic Mailer

About ASI and Magic Mailer


Magic Mailer is a patented clamshell design mailer with strategic advantages over other shell-type mailers. As part of American Sales Incentives, we distribute millions of these Magic Mailers all over the country to marketers, promotions companies, auto dealers and more. Here are just some of the industries we support:



Complete promotional product choices since 1979

Our Solutions

We offer PROVEN high volume promotional postal mail customers new and unique mail solutions to increase open rates and action rates.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of product options, from VISA and Discover debit cards, to promotional keys, smart watches and much more. Just ask – we can always arrange and order whatever you need.

Our History

ASI started as a simple small company in 1979, and since that time have build a powerhouse promotional company with millions of units sold with customers all over the world.


High volume, high response promotional products

High Powered Marketing Solutions

Since 1979, ASI has delivered a unique package of specialized and often proprietary marketing product solutions for a wide range of industries from auto dealers, real estate agents and brokers, retailers, marketing firms, advertising agencies and, in fact, other promotional products companies that want to take advantage of our experience and expertise.

Look To Us For Professional Solutions

Our parent company, ASI Incentives has been in business since 1979, providing professional and innovative marketing solutions to a full range of industries, from auto dealers, real estate companies, travel and resort companies RV parks and many more. They hire us because we understand their business and provide spot on, target real word solutions that have been tried and proven over decades.

We Do Unique Like No One Else.

While much of our business is the “tried and true” we also work with companies looking to try something different and unique that stands out to their prospective customers. We can advise on best practices while developing your innovative solution across any industry. All of our work is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside our company without your express permission.